5. Roles in Ecosystems & PhylogeneticTree

Being top level predators, sharks keep the populations of organisms in the lower food chain stable. If the population of sharks was reduced, the population of the main prey would explode. Because there would be so many prey, they could greatly decrease the population of its food and also begin to eat themselves because they are out of food; changing the ecology of the area.

A Phylogenetic Tree Including a Shark



Gaut, A., & Bennett, M. (n.d.). The role of sharks in the ecosystem. Marine education society of Australasia. Retrieved November 20, 2011, from www.mesa.edu.au/seaweek2005/pdf/infosheet04.pdf

[Untitled diagram of a phylogenetic tree] Retrieved November 20, 2011 from: http://staff.tuhsd.k12.az.us/gfoster/standard/bclasfy.htm


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